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Diary of a pair of boots!

So, long time no blog! A lot has changed since the last post. Number one change? Heart has been broken. Number 2 change, I’m in California!

My new single life has started! Prior to leaving England I made a purchase… in order to boost self esteem and let everyone know what sort of mood I’m in…..thigh high black leather boots! They have already paid for themselves in gin and tonics and been a very useful conversation starter!

So after several disastrous nights back in Blighty I decided to take myself across the pond for some TLC with special people. And I am so glad I did. I’ve already learned lessons that will make my return a more positive one!

Those that can’t…teach.

That would be me. I can life coach and support the world but when it comes to myself – useless!

…but I’m a working progress.

Exponential gorgeousness…

So today I was asked for some life coaching advice about motivation to exercise…little black dress party season is on the way. So a friend of mine has just joined up to a boot camp for 5 weeks and is dreading it!

Firstly – bad move! Don’t dread the thing that you have volunteered to do, it’s only fitness you are dreading. Secondly, make it worthwhile. It’s cold so a nice merino wool base layer will be worth its weight in gold and stop any ‘I’ll be too chilly’ excuses! Thirdly, positive reinforcement!! Book something to make you even more gorgeous, complete a months’ worth of boot camp = get a facial! Exponential gorgeousness!

Try not to reward with a Chinese takeaway, this is counterproductive. Instead, do something that is going to make you feel good. The more fabulous you behave the more fabulous you are. Exercise in itself makes you feel amazing, boosts self-image and does wonders for stress – something we all need desperately!

So, today’s lesson – exponential gorgeousness. Do something to make you even more amazing and then follow it up with even more!

nail polish and stress relief…

So… the body combat class was fab! We had a different instructor to usual and I fear she may have been wronged in a past life! I beat the air with all the uncoordinated passion I could muster and I have to say my demons were most certainly exorcised!! I am invigorated! Time for brunch of eggs, juice and a nice hot shower!

Glam bargain alert!! I love outlet shopping. Just got a bargain Estee Lauder nail polish that is almost black with a faint red hue – totally on trend and applies beautifully! Also achieved my second colour in one weekend – chuffed with that!

Glam – AM

Good morning! I love a Saturday morning! The weekend prospects, the tea in bed and time to read and not rush out to work. Also, a little me time! To make myself feel fabulous for the rest of the weekend I make a pot of tea, put on a face mask and read a magazine. My job doesn’t allow me to wear nail polish –so as of ten minutes arriving home (Friday night) I have painted my nails to signify the start of freedom! So every time I see my (currently purple) talons it is a reminder that the working week is over!

Once I have caught up on my gossip and the face pack is done it’s time to head to body combat! There is nothing like a mid-morning workout to energise you and boost your confidence for the rest of the day! I love it! I’ll let you know how I feel after….

everyday glamour is here!

Welcome everyone! With much encouragement from family and friends I have decided to put pen to paper(ish) and to let everyone know my little tricks and sayings to make every single day a little more glamorous!

A little bit about me…. I have a very unglamorous job, a small budget and am really a little bit of a tomboy! However, I still love all things glamorous and sparkly and refuse to settle for less. So my attitude to life is to be as fabulous as I can be with the resources I have. Often practical glamour is the most fun! Lip gloss during a triathlon…pretty toes under my trainers…sparkling water at lunch to keep my bubbles up! The little cute things that make you feel amazing because…we ARE amazing!

So, I will be adding my little snippets and thoughts on skin care, food, exercise, positive thinking and just generally appreciating that everyone can be practical yet glamorous!


Pink bubbly Vaseline has arrived!! Practical yet glamorous…summing up all that is to come!


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